past & current clients


We’ve been proud to serve:

  1. Action, Inc., Gloucester, MA

  2. Asian Center of Merrimack Valley

  3. Center for Adult Education Programs and Practitioners

  4. Community Action, Inc., Haverhill, MA

  5. Commonwealth of Massachusetts
        -Department of Early Education
         and Care
        -Department of Elementary and
         Secondary Education

  6. Commonwealth Workforce Coalition

  7. Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc., Lawrence, MA

  8. Greater Lawrence Community Partnership for Children, MA

  9. Haverhill Head Start, Haverhill, MA

  10. Health Quarters, Beverly, MA

  11. International Institute of Greater Lawrence

  12. Lawrence Adult Basic Education Partnership, Lawrence, MA

  13. Lawrence Adult Learning Center

  14. Lawrence Pathwaws to Family Success

  15. Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP), Boston, MA

  16. Notre Dame Education Center, Lawrence, MA

  17. Operation Bootstrap, Lynn, MA

  18. Rockingham Community Action, Inc., Portsmouth, MA

  19. SABES (System for Adult Basic Education Support)

  20. St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children, Dorchester, MA

  21. The Pettengill House, Salisbury, Massachusetts

  22. The Way Home, Manchester, NH

  23. United Way of Mass Bay and the Merrimack Valley

  24. YWCA,  Newburyport, MA